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Our Mission is to transform the lives of our Youth and our communities through inspiration, discipline and performance of classical ensemble music.


I learn a lot here in Yosal. Music is really fun. I’ve noticed how the whole orchestra has progressed since last year. We’ve been getting really good because of you guys. Without the awesome teachers, I think we would still be playing Ode To Joy instead of Brandenburg….

Angela Hernandez

Dear Miran,

Thank you for everything you have taught me… You are an awesome teacher and basically play every instrument. I like how you always choose me to audition for the solos. You are the best teacher.

Miguel Mejia

Our Mission

To transform the lives of our youth and our communities through inspiration, discipline and performance of classical ensemble music.Our VisionTo expand the Yosal's program throughout the greater Salinas's Valley, the Monterey and beyond.We aim to give hope to young people for the the future regardless of the circumstances providing musical instruments and music instruction at no cost is only the beginning. Working with local school boards and social organizations we will strive to reach the ...

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September 26, 2015 Farmer’s Market

Pre-Orchestra’s first performance of the year! Ms Felisha, Ms Liz, and Mr Michael took 25 students from the Pre-Orchestra program to Oldtown Salinas this past Saturday for a mini performance […]

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Introducing Yosal--
A way to connect and transform(Amalia Diaz)
Imagine an environment where the orchestral family replaces negative alternatives, a fun-filled atmosphere where children develop respect for others, self-discipline, cooperation, and strive for excellence, learning life skills that are the foundation for building a strong society. Imagine the pride of every neighborhood being its youth orchestra. Imagine a system of quality youth orchestras engaged in joyful, rigorous music making throughout Monterey County. This vision can become reality through a collaboration of youth, families, schools, organizations and people in California and beyond. YOSAL is an El Sistema-inspired music program for the Salinas Valley and the surrounding region. Conceptualized more than 35 years ago by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, his efforts ignited a revolution in the world of classical music as thousands of students from the most under served communities of Venezuela began studying music each day after school.