Make A Difference

Your support is critically important. We want to ensure that we have all the instruments, materials and funds to support every child who wants to participate in any of our sites in the Salinas Valley. We welcome (gratefully) donations in ANY amount.

The following will give you an idea of some of the costs of the program.



2 Ludwig Timpani Fiberglass 23" 32


2 Ludwig Timpani Fiberglass 26" 29"


3/4 Tuba American Heritage


Yamaha Concert Bass Drum with BS751 Stand W/ Wheels and Angle Tilter


3/4 Size Double Bass


Schiller Elite Conservatory Oboe


1/2 Size Double Bass


Schiller American Heritage Double Horn


Full Size Cello


3/4 Cello


Schiller Super Trombone


Manhasset 25-Stand Rack


15" Cremona SVA-130 Viola Outfit


Sabian 16" Crash Cymbals (Pair) (XS1621)


Violin 3/4


Gibraltar Cymbal Cradle Stand (7614)


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