Our Students

  • 250 students served Monday - Friday
  • Serve K-8 in 4 "nucleos" throughout the Salinas Valley:  Kamman, Los Padres, Sol Treasures (King City), and Sherwood Hall
  • Students are from Salinas, primarily 93905 and 93901 zip codes
  • Most students’ parents work in agriculture
  • According to the Salinas Elementary School District, school absenteeism among students from their district who attended YoSal went down by 75%.

"The music program at YOSAL is an opportunity for children to believe in themselves and find their potential. YOSAL represents for them a break from the outside world; from the pressure of school; from family problems; and from social issues that are present in the community. When they enter the door at the YOSAL facility, they are part of a team, an orchestra and every single one of them is an important element of it. Even the most behavioral challenging students change with time, once they realize their abilities, talent, and the joy of playing music. This is reflected back into the community, with proud parents, relatives, and outsiders that understand and participate into this process. Music through the YOSAL orchestral program is bringing social transformation to the very front of our eyes." — Camilo Ortiz, YOSAL Instructor

"The children who attend this program have become incredibly dedicated and confident, young flourishing musicians and human beings. Working through new music and playing music together with them is so inspiring and magical. You can see the pride and love growing in their eyes as they accomplish bigger and bigger musical and personal goals. The relationships we have between student and teacher in this program is a very special one. It is very real and devoted. Some of the kids have told me they have begged their parents to make sure they make it to the program, even tough days. El Sistema YOSAL is a very magical and accepting place. We pride in teaching our students how to work with other people of any age in harmony. Guests and friends are always welcome in our musical world at YOSAL." — Chantelle Foulks, YOSAL Instructor