Our Mission:

To transform the lives of our youth and our communities through inspiration, discipline and performance of classical ensemble music. Our Vision: To expand YOSAL’s program throughout the greater Salinas Valley, the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

  • We aim to give young people hope for the future regardless of their circumstances.
  • Providing musical instruments and music instruction at no cost is only the beginning.
  • Working with local school boards and social organizations we will strive to reach the maximum number of children.

Eventually we will have a system of quality youth orchestras making music throughout the Central Coast. The hard work these children put in and the love they develop for music will open many doors for their future. “Music has to be recognized...as an agent of social development in the highest sense because it transmits the highest values---solidarity, harmony, mutual compassion...it has the ability to unite an entire community.” Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, Founder, El Sistema Venezuela

  • A proven youth development program, with music at its heart
  • A high-quality, intensive music program at no cost to our underserved youth, ages 5-13
  • A collective spirit among families, teachers, neighbors and friends working together
  • Building an orchestra, serving as a true model of a collaborative, cooperative society
  • A group of organizations seeking to expand music opportunities for young people in the Salinas Valley
  • Based on a Venezuelan program of social change called El Sistema that has affected the lives of over 1 million young people in under-privileged communities over the last 36 years

Our Objectives:

  • To encourage children’s participation in musical training and to improve their musical performance abilities
  • To foster the development of children’s social skills and values that contribute to success in school and in society
  • To support the development of children’s school readiness and academic development
  • To encourage positive decision-making
  • To promote parents engagement in program and community activities


Cass Antle: Community Volunteer

Anne Bramers

Susie Brusa: Rancho Cielo Executive Director & Board Secretary

Sgt. Sheldon Bryan: Salinas Police Department

Cheryl Camany: Salinas City Elementary School District Homeless Liaison

Matt Combs: Chief Information Officer, Hartnell College

Jacqueline Cruz-Ortega: Executive Director of Advancement, Hartnell College

Alfred Diaz-Infante: CHISPA President & CEO

Dennis Donohue: Mayor of Salinas

Joanne Johnson: Community Volunteer & Board President

Leo Keech: Monterey Symphony Director of Finance & Board Treasurer

Bruce Lindsey: Attorney – Retired

Sherrie Isaac: Partner, Hayashi & Wayland

Mary Pritchard: Salinas City Elementary School District Director of Bilingual Migrant Services

Bev Ranzenberger: Community Volunteer

Mary Wurtz: Community Volunteer

Don Wurtz: Partner, Arthur Andersen - Retired

Juan Felipe Molano: Artistic Director

Crystal Zamora: Executive Director